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How Does it work? - FAQ -Terms of Service


Whether you are a buyer or a seller of Used Lamborghini parts, is here to help you. We have talked to customers now for over a year, receiving input on what they would like to see and how it should work, so that the buyers get the best deals and the sellers get top dollar for their parts.  We have structured similar to an auction website, but with more control to the sellers.  Rather than placing bids, buyers submit offers.  We have tried to make the offer submission as easy as possible, such as including details about each item being sold and a reference price of the part new if possible. There are no rules as to what you can offer, however the sellers may decline your offer or counter offer you. There are some sellers that have a definite price for a part and others that simply want to get as much as they can for their items.  This is why we run the whole site as an offer driven application. Buyers and sellers remain completely anonymous.

Items may be sold at any time and we are dealing with MANY sellers, so replies are completely dependent on us getting a reply from a seller. For more specific information on how it works please see the Seller or the Buyer sections below.

What should I offer?
For a frustrated buyer this is the most common question we get. Rule of thumb is new condition parts fetch between 50% to 60% of the regular price new. Condition plays an important factor when it comes to selling used parts.  The worse the condition the less the part is worth. It is up to you as to what you want to offer for a part. A poor damaged part may sell for as high as 40% or as low as 10% of the retail value. Obviously you shouldn't offer 10% on an item that is in very good or new condition, unless the seller has stipulated in the description they are willing to take lower than normal pricing on it.  If you submit an offer that we know if not reasonable we will contact you to help you come up with a more valid offer. 

What Should I take for my Part?
It should be understood that a used part, even if it is brand new and still in a sealed box, the item will not sell for retail value, unless it is no longer available from Lamborghini.  It is a waste of time to try and sell a part that you are expecting to get more than 60% of the retail price. We ask if that is the case you try selling your items on another venue. Accept an offer that is reasonable and that you can live with.  There are no rules or guidelines, the more offers you decline the longer you sit on your part, so it depends on how soon you need to get rid of a part.


You have two options if you are able it is best that you create an online account.  Both 100% Free!  As long as you can ship your item and collect a certified check for payment from us if the seller wishes to have secured funds. You don't have to do anything else. You can add, delete, update and change your prices and pictures. Prices are set by the sellers, we have asked to to enter the absolute lowest pricing.  Please do harass or low ball the seller, else your emails we go ignored. It is our goal to meet your requested price. Since many sales are done negotiating over several sellers and parts,  as soon as we have an interested buyer we will forward any offers. This service is 100% free to use for buyers and sellers. Your second option is you contact us and we will add your items for you. We understand many people are not comfortable using computers or do not have time.  Just send us and email and we will take it from there.

When will I get paid for my parts?
As soon as the buyer acknowledges there are no discrepancies from the listing description and pictures you provided. Parts are all routed to us first before they are sent to the buyer. This shipping needs to be INCLUDED in the asking price of the part(s) as it will be deducted from the payment if we have to arrange pickup. This is to protect the buyer and to re-inspect the items before releasing your payment. We collect payment from the customer BEFORE you ship and is held in an Escrow account this is to protect the seller from fraudulent purchases.  Collection of the funds from the buyer before an items is shipped ensures that you will be paid. So to recap, Buyer makes an offer and you accept, Buyer sends a secured payment to Lambostuff.  We place the funds in our escrow and advise you to ship the part(s) to us. Upon inspection of the parts we arrange shipping to the buyer. The buyer has 48 hours after a confirmed delivery confirmation to dispute ANY misrepresentations from the pictures or claims. They does not mean they can just change their mind, the only reason we would hold your funds would be if there is any discrepancies that we did not catch before sending to the buyer release the payment to you.  We then arrange shipping to the buyer. ALL items are documented and photos take as not to claim damages after you shipped. (this is to protect you)

How do you send payment?
You have three options.  You can request either  a Check,  PayPal payment or Wire Transfer.  There is a $20 Bank fee for Wire Transfers

Who pays for shipping?
Indirectly the buyer will pay for shipping unless we negotiate shipping as part of a "Deal" Bottom line is you decide what you want to sell a part for and how much shipping will cost if any.  When you give us your minimum asking price you must include freight charges to us. Lambostuff can arrange shipping pick for US Customers with large items. In order to insure a part we must have a picture of the item BEFORE it is shipped, if you can not provide a picture, the buyer has the right to refuse or return the shipment at your expense if it does not match the description.  This is simply to protect the buyer as your definition of "repairable" may be completely different than someone else.  A Picture is worth a 1000 words and will ensure the buy knows EXACTLY what they are buying.  You can elect not to provide a picture, however the buyer WILL have the option to return the item to you at your expense if it does not match your description.




If you find a part or parts you are interested in getting more information about, making an offer or purchasing, just email us. We try to keep Buyers and sellers completely anonymous. This is both to protect the buyers and sellers. Once you have decided to purchase an item you will send payment to Lambostuff  which will be placed in an escrow account until we receive your part(s) Once we have received your parts without damage we will release the negotiated amount to the seller. We will then take another picture of the parts and arrange shipping with you.

How does shipping work?
As of October 1st 2005 ALL out of the country used part buyers are required to arrange pick up of your own packages.  You are responsible for customs declaration and insurance. We can get the items in a crate ready for pick up for the $100 USD fee.  If you require us to make shipping arrangements for you, you will be billed an additional $75 handling fee plus all shipping costs. Since offering used parts, we have had a number of requests to under declare values and reduce insurance to decrease shipping fees. We will not take responsibility for altered documents.  If you want us to handle it, all the values will be stated correctly and there will be a $75 handling fee plus any crate fees and shipping costs.

How do I pay for my item(s)?

Inside the Continental US: Cashier's check, money orders, Wire bank transfer and All Major Credit cards up to $500 *(Read requirements)

Outside the Continental US: Wire bank Transfer Only

You will pay Lambostuff directly (J&J Concepts). We will accept a Cashier's check, money order, Wire bank transfer. For customers OUTSIDE of the Continental US we will only accept a Wire bank transfer.  This is dues to the risks involved with Fraud from over seas. 

Cashiers checks or money orders WILL be held for 2 weeks and verified with a bank before any parts are shipped. The quickest way to have your parts shipped, is to wire transfer the payment to the escrow bank account.  The shipping payment (which is made AFTER we receive the parts from the seller, can be purchased on a Credit card if you choose.

Refunds .. What if my item does not arrive as described or is damaged?

All shipments are required to be insured at ANY point in transport. If you receive a damaged item you must take a photograph of the part and the shipping container and send it to us and then notify the shipping company immediately (no later than 24 hours after receiving the shipment) then you must notify us of the situation.  Damage from the seller to us will be handled by the seller and us, Since all damage claims MUST be handled through the shipper, we will await the official report before releasing any escrow funds.  If damage occurs from us to you,  YOU will be responsible for collecting the insured amount from the courier.

If you received an item that was not as described please contact us immediately. Please be prepared to take pictures and provide a detail list of discrepancies.  This does NOT mean there is a return policy, in fact there IS a "no refund policy" If you have any questions about an Item before you send any money, we assume that you are satisfied with the descriptions and or pictures. The only time a refund will be honored is if you received an item that is blatantly different than the description.  For example a shipping error and you received a bumper when you bought a windshield.  At all possible transactions we ask that the seller provide a picture of the parts at several angles.  If you have ANY questions or request you MUST make them before the transfer of payment.  The seller is under no obligation to refund funds once you have agreed to purchase an item and it arrives to you un-harmed by the courier. You have 48 hours after a confirmed delivery receipt to your location, to contact us with ANY discrepancies as to the condition or variations to the items you received.


The ONLY reason we would hold your payment from the seller, is if the pictures we took of the part(s) are different from the pictures the seller took of the parts. PLEASE read and re read this statement again. If the part(s) are different from OUR pictures that YOU received, then YOU are responsible for filing a shipping claim with the Courier. Payments to the seller are still released. Please let me say this again.  You are only entitled to a refund if the pictures we took of the part(s) are different from the pictures the seller took of the parts. This doe not take ANY verbal or written description or opinions of the seller. These are subjective and mean absolutely nothing.

  This is not a game. You are getting a FREE service and a good discount on an otherwise over priced Lamborghini part. It is YOUR responsibility to make a determination as to the "Condition code" of the actual item being sold. If there are not sufficient pictures of the item then ask for more. If a seller says something is repairable, this is a subjective term. YOU MUST MAKE THAT DETERMINATION YOURSELF WITH PICTURES. ITEM DESCRIPTIONS WRITTEN BY THE SELLER ARE IN NO WAY EVER TO BE TAKEN AS FACT, AS THERE IS NEVER A WAY TO PROVE THE HISTORY OF A PART. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL YOU BE ALLOWED A REFUND WITHOUT THE SELLER'S AGREEMENT, AND BY USING THIS SITE YOU WAIVE ALL LEGAL RIGHTS FOR REIMBURSEMENT. YOU ALSO AGREE NOT TO HOLD J&J CONCEPTS AND ITS SUBSIDIARIES RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING YOU PURCHASE FROM UNKNOWN SELLERS OR ANYONE FROM THIS SITE.


Sorry for us to have to be so blunt in this last statement but recently we were threatened to be liable for a part that someone purchased from this site with very high resolution images and judged their purchase based on the condition code, which is a subjective term and NOT a factual claim.








  Terms of Service 
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