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Lamborghini parts are historically expensive and often times are no longer available.  If one is in need of major repairs such as from an accident, replacing parts can be cost prohibitive.  Lambostuff has started a consignment broker division for customers to list their used Lamborghini parts,  previously owned parts or salvaged Lamborghini parts. 

If you have any used Lambo parts that you would like to sell, please List them here   THIS IS A FREE SERVICE.

Used Lamborghini parts or Salvaged Lamborghini parts are one of the hardest type of parts to locate. If you happen to be one of the few Lamborghini owners, who has sustained damaged you can understand the need for such a central location for finding used Lamborghini and salvaged Lamborghini parts.  is a FREE service of and Since a majority of the parts for sale are individual owners or collectors we are actively trying to establish a parts network to help keep repair costs down for everyone.

To learn more about how Used-Lamborghini-Parts works please visit the FAQ page

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